Manou Koreman is a Brussels-based performer with a love for work that crosses disciplines. Born in the Netherlands, she trained in contemporary dance in New York, Berlin and London before venturing out into voice and theatre work.

Both within improvised and choreographed movement, Manou is deeply curious about the intricacies of human physicality. She is drawn to durational and minimalist approaches, and continually searches to push the boundaries of her endurance.

Manou is currently working with Katja Heitmann (NL), Isabella Soupart (BE) and Asphalt Piloten (CH).  She is a member of Anthologyofamess, a collective of performers who research performance by doing (UK). In the past, she was movement director and performer for Glass House Theatre (UK). She also danced for Stichting Elisabeth Bas (NL), Ananke Theatre (UK), Antonio de la Fe ( UK), Victor Fung Dance (UK) and Theater der Migranten (DE). Since 2010 Manou has created a body of solo work, including Mirage (a solo which involves audience participation by smartphone) and the film Borders.